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Dear Friends

Summer 2017 will be soon upon us!

Please build us into a potential bliss filled practice and join US for the summer of for a practice during our 10th Summer Season of Yoga on the Beach in Stone Harbor, NJ.

82nd St and the Beach

Wednesday and Fridays
6 - 7 am Sunrise (a little more meditative with movement)
Monday through Saturdays
8 am Yoga

(all levels - a little more movement, less meditative but savasana is provided ~ you earned this rest and restoration.)

June 30th - Sept 1st
19 total: 6 am classes
54 total: 8 am classes
$20 for a 1 time drop in class
$50 Group or Class pass (same day - 3 friends or family members OR 1 person, 3 classes used within 1 week)
$100 for 1 week class pass per person (save $20 - $60)
$240 each Unlimited Yoga Summer Class Pass (under $5 a class - $3 a class if you join all 80 classes)
Who can join these group classes? Any one from the age of 4 years old to 94+- These classes are for those who can independently move from a sitting to a standing position. There are many opportunities to become distracted on the beach ~ you know your child best if she/he will be interested in the practice. The investment cost is the same across all ages.

What to bring?

Bring a beach towel (instead of a mat)

Bring water and arrive already hydrated.

Wear layers of tuckable clothing suitable for the weather. 

An open mind.

Cash or check (made out to the Borough of SH)

Do I need experience in yoga or a yoga practice on the beach?


PAST Adventure:

Yoga on the Beach in Stone Harbor NJ has wrapped it's 9th summer season on Sept 2, 2016.

Blessed with deep gratitude towards the dolphins who visited, the gulls who chatted, the ospreys who flew above us with their catch and ALL new and staple participants to the yoga practice who found us on the new beach block of 82nd Street. As expected the change in location provided parking, play and space for our practice and we will be meeting again on  82nd St. in 2017.

Special gratitude to:

- the ladies who escaped their families (in-laws and/or their own) for an hour of calm and rebellion of serving and honoring themselves. 

- those who have been joining this practice from the beginning in 2008 or for years and chose to join in another unpredictable summer of yoga practice with me. As my hope is to always provide a platform for safe self discovery,  a space for gentle and expansive return to greater flexibility in body/mind and the opportunity to return to the natural and familiar world of yoga on the beach. All the while allowing me to share in my own personal journey of life and yoga with you within a sacred space.

- those brave beings who joined the practice for the first time without knowing anyone in class!

- those who trusted me enough to try yoga and maybe begin their potential life long yoga journey this summer on the beach.

- and of course those who were experienced with yoga and were open enough too to experience what the hour could provide. 

Forever grateful for my education, continued interest and opportunities to share yoga, breathing techniques and guided meditations to my peers from the platform of the beach ~ no less ~ in a town I was conceived in ~ hence my joy and appreciation to offer a natural retreat during vacation (you never know who you'll go home with).