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awareness is key  

SUMMER 2019 

82nd St Beach

Stone Harbor       New Jersey

June 21st - August 30th

Weekly/near daily practice
Sunday thru Friday

8 - 9 am   movement + meditation

6 - 7 am SUNRISE meditation  + movement

Investment Options
$20 - 1x practice
$50 - 3 practices, 1 week for 1 person
$100 - 1 week unlimited class
$240 Unlimited Summer Yoga on the Beach Class Pass 
$50 for 3 friends to join 1 practice

How to Pay  Bring cash or a check 
Check made out to the Borough of Stone Harbor
*Pay the Instructor* at the beach before practice

How to prepare

>>Bring wate, arrive HYDRATED.
>>Beach Towel or Yoga Mat ~ your call. (I and most use a towel - easier to clean + the sticky aspect of most mats is eliminated w sand)
>>Layers of tuckable clothing suitable for the mornings weather.
>>Start w/ an open mind + a silent phone: This time is set aside for you, nature and the group as a whole. 

Drop in all levels - all ages

Anyone from the age of 4 years old to 94+- for those who can independently move from a sitting to a standing position.

There are many opportunities to become distracted as well as grounded & aligned on the beach and within these yoga classes. For caretakers of young ones: you know the child best ~ def. bring your littles if a movement practice with meditation is something you feel they would enjoy WHILE you would be able to focus on your own practice with them. I offer this practice in hopes that for all levels ~ that it's accessible and nourishing. 

Join us.

Potential benefits of joining us?
In the 12 years of sharing this practice I, more often than not, come away with a feeling of gratitude wrapped with an awareness of awe.  Sharing the practice and communicating a movement flow/breathwork (mostly intuitive) within nature has the potential to deepen our connection with the earth, our selves and maybe eachother. To absorb Vitamin B in the early morning hours from the sun, to MAYBE witness dolphins play in the ocean NOT far from your spot, to experience our bodies adjust and be challenged on the texture of the days sand/water ~ to breathe in clean(?) air with added salt from the sea may encourage a restorative visit ~ set w negative ions jumping off the ocean and encouraging our parasympathetic nervous system to be entertained.

Over the years sacred testimonials have been shared in confidence w/some physical healing experienced by participants. I do not teach a style of yoga that would encourage you to ignore your body/mind/spirit but to aid/work/with and honor these aspects of ourselves, individually.  As we are all at different levels or stages and certainly experiences of life ~ presently, we may be in celebration of health or recovery from trauma: this practice is open to you. Either way the body/mind/spirit is showing up these yoga practice offerings mixed w safe space in nature hopefully sets the stage to you to be able to  tune out (day to day) tune in (inner quiet : it's somewhere:) to tune out of the human doer, to tune into the human BEing ~ tune out of judgement and into observation, to tune out of competition and into compassion and be grounded in this.         ........Pretty heavy stuff. But the results often are and you MAY: FEEL lighter, younger, freer, more able bodied, more joy, less stress, more love, less hate, more space, less compression. For those w/sensitive knees and palms the sand accommodates. For those with tired eyes and mind ~ the sea and sand may restore. For those with exhausted minds the earth reminds change is a constant. I have reached a point of preparedness and we're now in our 12th season to share this practice on a personal and beloved beach.

WEATHER situation: IF there is a heavy rain or (threat of) lightning ~ practice from the beach is likely canceled for that day ~ and a home practice is encouraged. However, overcast and light mist? practice goes on!

Suggestion: Create your own Yoga Retreat
Say you're visiting for a week or a day or the summer or you're a 'lucky to be local' and you chose to begin each morning in our practice, keeping a journal is encouraged and enjoying lighter foods ~ this would very much become a personalized, often self guided vacation/life retreat ~ may be just what is needed. If you can only join us here and there throughout the summer ~ the unlimited yoga class pass still may save you $.  

Here just for the day/week??

Join us!!!! This practice is a great start to a day in the area if nature, relaxation and movement within your means is your thing:) 

Private Yoga Practice
Available by appt. on any Stone Harbor Beach or in a Cape May County Home/Office.

Call, Text or Email and let's figure out if we'd be a fit.

My past includes working w those experiencing M.S., those in the middle of lawsuits, grieving a loss, those in the process of divorce, in the process of wedding planning,  those experiencing sleeplessness, those desiring a pregnancy, Pre-Surgery, pre-diagnosis appts, post surgery, those in their 2nd, 3rd Trimester and 4th level (postpartum), Athletes, girlfriends weekend with varying physical abilities. Bachelorette/batchlor yoga parties and those simply desiring low impact movements to increase flexibility, mobility, balance, ease, healing and breath. Yoga is for those who have breath. 

I have also guided sport specific practices of Yoga for Golfers, Yoga for Runners, Yoga in the Chair and Beginners Yoga Series.

Certified in 2004 through Kripalu
Christina Newdeck

(609) 408 8971


My intention is for you to leave feeling better than you arrived.